Movie Review: The Jewel Thief

The Jewel Thief: A Thrilling Journey into the Life of an Ingenious Criminal

Genre: Documentary, Crime, Mystery.

Movie Rating: 7/10

Release Date: July 13th, 2023.

The movie The Jewel Thief provides viewers with an exhilarating and shocking experience as they are taken on a journey through the life of the world’s most brilliant thief. This extraordinary documentary stands out from any other you might have seen, as it features interviews with the thief himself, his mother, some of his associates, and the two unlikely detectives who ultimately brought him to justice. Together, they unveil the chilling details of his most notorious crimes.

Gerald Daniel Blanchard, the calculating and accomplished criminal mastermind, is a truly captivating character who turned crime into an art form to be admired. It is intriguing to note that his crimes were not driven by hate, revenge, or necessity, but rather by his insatiable thirst for thrill, excitement and fame, which he eventually achieved. He began his criminal journey by pilfering from shops and malls, manipulating receipts, and reselling stolen goods for substantial profits. In fact, his entrepreneurial endeavors allowed him to purchase his first house at the age of 16. As his greed grew, he escalated to robbing banks and ATMs, even before their official opening to the public. Not confining himself to Canada, his home country, Blanchard expanded his operations across three continents. Notably, Blanchard orchestrated the infamous theft of the priceless “Star of Empress Sisi,” one of the 27 diamond-and-pearl hair ornaments worn by Elisabeth of Bavaria, Austria. This audacious heist remained undiscovered for two weeks, highlighting the seamless execution of his plans.

The most captivating aspect of Blanchard’s story is his meticulous documentation of almost every detail of his successful criminal career, beginning from his days as a petty thief in high school when he first began carving out his notorious reputation. His eagerness to share even the minutest details of his story with the world showcases his pride in his accomplishments. He delves into the how, describing his criminal endeavors as a strategic game of chess, where a single miscalculated move could have dire consequences, as well as the underlying motivations driving his actions, all with tremendous enthusiasm. Blanchard earned respect from both sides of the law, as the meticulousness and artistry of his work are truly remarkable. He is undeniably a person worthy of admiration, skillfully planning and executing his crimes, akin to an artist creating a masterpiece. After watching the thrilling documentary, which presents the crimes from various perspectives and traces the trajectory of his illustrious career until its downfall, one can argue that Blanchard’s greatest triumph was ultimately walking free after serving just two years of his initial 160-year prison sentence. He lived out his fantasy life and achieved fame through his criminal exploits, a feat that many people could never accomplish.

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