32 Male Teams, 16 Female Teams, To Participate In SEALS Cup ’24

On the 1st of July, 2024, the SEALS Cup Planning Committee released the modalities of participation for both male and female teams in the highly anticipated inter-departmental SEALS Cup 2024 tournament.

The most recent information from the SEALS Cup planning committee highlights the modalities and registration fees for the tournament – which is starting later this month. We will be having 32 male teams lock horns in 64 matches throughout the tournament from group stage till the finals. For the females, 16 teams to charge for the cup in a total of 32 matches.

Male teams will be paying a sum of 20,000 Naira for registration while fielding an 18-man squad while the female teams will be paying 10,000 Naira, registering 10 players. If a department decides to register her male and female team, they will be paying a sum of 28,000 Naira in total. There are conversations on the possibility of increasing the squad number for the males, and has been left to the discretion of the planning committee.

The competition is open to all departments under the 17 faculties in the University of Ibadan. It is noteworthy to mention that the registration fee (for the males) went up by 5,000 Naira from the last edition, SEALS Cup 2023. The maiden edition for the females will be a 5-aside tournament.

Peter Adeyemo.


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