Another year, another health week.

Once again, as we gradually move closer to the end of the academic session. Associations, organizations, religious bodies, and student hall executives begin to draw strategies and plan how to bring in their big guns to wrap up their tenure. Quite recently, the prestigious Alexander Brown hall started to call for members to join committees in preparations for their Hall week. Other associations have also begun after all it is said that “make hay while the sun shines”.

UIMSA had its 3rd emergency Senate meeting held on Sunday 16th January 2023 at Famewo Common Room. With senators from most of the constituencies present, the executive council, and some worthy UIMSAites as they are referred to on the Senate floor. Amongst the agenda of the meeting was the health week.

The Executive council presented the plan and budget for the association’s 61st Health week. The vice president, who is constitutionally the chairperson of the health week planning committee presented her committee’s robust work on the Senate floor. According to her, this Health week will run from March 11 to March 18, 2023, and will be known as THE BUSINESS OF MEDICINE: FACES AND PHASES with the aim to have the best health week yet.

The Health week typically consists some programs namely; The Rally and Bonfire, Inter-Class Quiz Competition, Dinner and Awards night, Ulympics (Inter-level sports competition), and Community Health Awareness Program (CHAP). Although depending on the tenure some differences usually exist in the execution of these programs. This health week will also have a Hackathon and movie night in addition.

The proposed funds to be spent during the health week generated a stir as senators expressed concerns as to how funds will be generated. The Vice President however reassured the house explaining that her committee is very much aware of the cost and also believe they can make it work. Madam President also agreed with her, stating that the impossible is nothing and they hope to hold one of the best health week ever. She stated that “she believes with help from the Senate, Congress, the Alumni body and all Uimsaites we would make headway”.

Though the executive council was able to convince the house about the importance of their robust plan some doubts still exist in the unknown. Each program was closely looked through, corrections were made and motions passed. The conclusion was that the corrected version is to be sent to the senate before the budget can be passed.

Other items on the agenda discussed in the emergency meeting were the report of the audit committee, the third quarterly financial report, and the provost award committee’s report. The 6-hour long Senate meeting ended 2:54 am.

Below are a few details on the proposed content of this year’s Health Week

A rally starting at the University of Ibadan and ending with a bonfire at Alexander Brown Hall

Dinner and awards Night at the Ibadan Civic center with the possibility of hosting a guest artiste, pageantry, and catwalk.

A movie night

An inter Class Quiz competition and inter-class sports competition (Ulympics)

A residential Hackathon hosting other MSA centered on creating solutions to health problems.

Community Health Awareness Program for the adolescent age group.

Get ready for this health week, it is another time to see the best of UIMSA.

Metajuwa-kuda Emmanuel

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