Office of UIMSA Assistant General Secretary Empty as Executive Resigns

On Wednesday evening, the 25th of October 2023, the UIMSA Electoral Commission sent out a broadcast message calling for a replacement of the vacant seat of the Assistant General Secretary (AGS) due to the resignation of the previous office holder via a bye-election.

On speaking to the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission to find out more about the resignation of the executive having spent just over a hundred days in office, Miss Caroline Nwamadiegesi stated that the commission is neither aware of the reason for the resignation nor is it stated in its responsibilities to find out details of resignation so it is not required to probe further. In her words, she said, “All I got was a resignation letter which didn’t state the actual reason.”

On further investigation of the matter, it was discovered that a happenstance of this nature has not been recorded in the recent history of UIMSA, thus the obvious confliction of the Senate and Executives as to how to disseminate the information to the public. When the Press spoke to the UIMSA President, Omotola Odeleke, she said, “Matters like this are meant to be properly disseminated by the 4th Estate; the Press. The Electoral Commission constitutionally handles matters like this (approval of resignations, bye-elections etc). That being said, I do not see how differently it could have been handled seeing as the letter only came in on Tuesday.”

However, the Senate Chairman, Mr Inioluwa Joshua had this to say, “There is no established protocol regarding the announcement of the resignation of an Executive. However, individual Senators have been informed and the message will be disseminated to all UIMSAites.” Following this correspondence, as promised, a notice signed by the Senate was sent out to UIMSAites.

The Senate Chair also stated that the letter of resignation sent by the AGS was grossly inadequate asides the fact it stated no clear reason for the resignation reiterating what the Electoral Commission Chair had earlier said.

The UIMSA Press decided to hear from the horse’s mouth and speak to the former AGS herself. She initially refused to comment but later stated her resignation was due to health reasons which she feels incapacitates her continuing in her duties and thus would be in the best interest of UIMSA that someone else takes it up.

The UIMSA President had this to say on her resignation, “Her resignation was rather unfortunate and I’m sure, a hard decision on her part. However, it was one that had to be made. She will be dearly missed in the Executive Council.”

It’s very necessary for UIMSAites to be informed about such issues as they are sensitive matters that should ensure that UIMSAites feel they are being carried along in the activities of their association. It is now paramount that the UIMSA Constitution be reviewed to include a rule of procedures for proper dissemination of such matters in order to avoid a repeat of similar occurrence in future and to also fill any other unsuspecting gaps the document may contain. Hopefully, all parties involved will take no time in setting up appropriate processes for this to be actualized.

“The top priority at this moment should be to follow the Constitution in promptly filling the vacant position” says Abigail Oyedokun, the Congress Chancellor. Therefore the deadline for submission of applications for the vacant seat remains 11.59pm on Monday 30th November, 2023. Interested UIMSAites are highly encouraged to apply.

Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo

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