Back in 2021, the European Super League was first announced with 12 big teams signing up for the project, including the “Big Six” of the Premier League. There was a lot of backlash and the founding members with the exception of Real Madrid and Barcelona pulled out. The competition seemed to be dead before it even started but the two Spanish giants were not having it. A recent European Court of Justice ruling says that UEFA and FIFA acted unlawfully in blocking the Super League. In its ruling, it stated: “The FIFA and UEFA rules on prior approval of interclub football competitions, such as the Super League, are contrary to EU law. They are contrary to competition law and the freedom to provide services.”

“The FIFA and UEFA rules making any new interclub football project subject to their prior approval, such as the Super League, and prohibiting clubs and players from playing in those competitions, are unlawful. There is no framework for the FIFA and UEFA rules ensuring that they are transparent, objective, non-discriminatory and proportionate.”

It’s important to note that this ruling is not specific to the Super League. It was about FIFA and UEFA’s current rules. UEFA have been working on new legislation in anticipation of this ruling and the Super League may still need to get prior authorization before commencement.


Real Madrid and Barcelona have seen their commitment to the project pay off as they are each set to receive 1 billion Euros as the founding members of the competition. No other members have been confirmed so far and high-profile clubs have come out in opposition to the Super League, including the six Premier League teams that tried to join in 2021.

Outside of the Spanish giants and Juventus, who came together to form A22, the company organising the Super League, there’s been little to no support for the Super League.

With Britain no longer part of the European Union, Premier League teams are not subject to the ruling by the European Court of Justice. The United Kingdom’s government is set to pass a bill into law which will prevent Premier League teams from being able to join any breakaway competitions

Bayern Munich have remained consistent with their stance saying: “The Bundesliga forms the foundation of FC Bayern, just as all national leagues form the foundation of European football clubs.”

“Therefore, it is our duty and our deep conviction to strengthen them, not weaken them. We also support the European club competitions under the umbrella of UEFA. So once again it’s very clear: the door for the Super League at FC Bayern remains closed.”

More clubs have come out with statements in opposition to the Super League.


The Super League is going to consist of three different competitions akin to UEFA’s Champions League, Europa League and Conference League. These will be named the Star, Gold and Blue Leagues. In the Men’s version, 64 teams will participate, with the Star and Gold leagues hosting 16 teams each while the Blue League will have 32 teams. Each of them will have a league and knockout stage and there will be promotion and relegation between the leagues. More information on how the Super League will work can be found here.


In 2021, much of the criticism of the Super League was aimed at the closed nature of the tournament which will have seen founding members immune to relegation. The new format is a bit more open, with no permanent teams, and the implementation of promotion and relegation.

Ultimately, the push for the Super League is financially motivated. Big teams feel they deserve more of the share of the UCL revenue as they bring in the larger percentage of viewers. Teams outside the Premier League are also feeling the gap between them and Premier League clubs. Champions League clubs outside the Premier League are constantly losing players to midtable and relegation-contending clubs in the Premier League. A new competition with more lucrative matches being played between the top clubs in Europe will serve to slow down or stop this recent trend. 

Ifeanyichukwu Achife

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