The 60th UIMSA Health Week is upon us. Themed: “An Inverted Pyramid: The Nigerian Healthcare System”, the biggest health week in sub-Saharan Africa is set to hold March 19-27 and we’re all pumped no doubt. We asked some members of the association if they had attended or witnessed any UIMSA Health Week, what their expectations are and which health week activity they are looking forward to the most. Here are their replies:

This should be my third health week in UIMSA, but it’s the first one that I’ve been particularly involved with. As for my expectations, well, as the saying goes, “o ma loud”. It’s been a long time coming, with lots of prep and sweat going into it. I expect it to be a memorable week. I’m looking forward to the interclass debate since I’m on the committee. I’m hoping it’s a firework show.


2k19 SET

No, Never. This is my first. I don’t really have any expectations but I hope to have fun at any event I attend. I’m pumped up for the variety night and I just might attend the dinner.


2k22 SET

Do you mean if I’ve attended the entire health week activities? If you do then that will be a No. But if you mean some past health week activities, Yes I have. I’m expecting lots of free food if possible. For the health week activities, I’m looking forward to the Symposium and Variety night.


2k21 SET

No I haven’t attended or witnessed any health week. I expect it to be glamorous given all the hype about it. I really hope it’ll be a week that’ll be talked about for weeks! I’m eagerly anticipating the dinner a 100%.


2k23 SET

Yes, I have. I expect a week full of insightful and interesting activities. I’m looking forward to the interclass debate finals.


2k21 SET

No, I haven’t attended any. I expect great things because I’ve heard of how good they are. Seeing as we have not had one for the past 2 years, I’m expecting something spectacular. I await the ulympics award ceremony when 2k22 wins everything they partake in.


2k22 SET

I haven’t witnessed any health week. As for my expectations, I just hope I enjoy myself at some if not all the events. The health week activity I’m anticipating is the UIMSA dinner.


2k23 SET

I haven’t been to any of the past health weeks. I actually have no expectations for this health week nevertheless I’m looking forward to the Variety night.


2k22 SET

Yes, I have. I’m expecting proper organization, good time management and community service. The activity I’m looking forward to is the community health awareness and outreach programme.


2k17 SET

Yes, I have attended previous health weeks. I expect this health week to be better than the last. That’s the trend that has almost always been around here. The health week activity I’m looking forward to is Variety night. It was my favorite part of the last health week.


2k19 SET

What about you? Is this your first time attending the health week or you’re a regular? Whatever category you fall in, what are your expectations for this health week? Maybe you are not even interested at all. Whatsoever your reasons may be, this health week has definitely caught our attention with all the beautiful graphics and videos publicizing the event. It looks promising and I for one would like to know if it will definitely be worth all the hype it is getting. See you there if you are succumbing to your curiosity just like I am.

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