UIMSA KeepFit is Back, Up and Running

The first UIMSA Fit edition for this tenure was held on Saturday, 17th June 2023. The aim of the
UIMSA Fit is to help UIMSAItes find a means to destress, reenergize and bond with fellow
UIMSAites. Although it had been a nearly forgotten event in UIMSAIte history, the newly
co-opted Sports Secretary successfully revived it.

The event was organized on two campuses: the UI campus and the UCH campus. The UCH
campus currently accommodates four classes, while the UI campus houses two. The event was
scheduled to commence at 6:30 am, but students on the UI campus didn’t start moving until well
past 7 am. The UI group gathered at the SUB car park and was led by “the great Allie,” while the
UCH group assembled at the ABH volleyball court and was led by Eseosa.

The UIMSA Fit event encompassed various activities, including a long-distance jog, stretching
exercises, fun games, and an informative talk on maintaining fitness. When asked about her
thoughts on the event, one UIMSAite expressed her gladness at attending and expressed hope for
more such events in the future.

Regrettably, the total number of participants on both campuses did not exceed 30. This figure
falls significantly short of even a third of one MBBS class, indicating an unexpectedly poor
turnout. The success of the Sports Secretary’s tenure relies heavily on the active participation of
UIMSAites. While the sports committee may be diligently working on numerous plans, the
ultimate success lies in people’s engagement and involvement.

UIMSAites are known for always showing up to events, however late they may be. Interestingly,
the friendly female football match held the day before the UIMSA Fit event witnessed a
remarkable turnout. This raises the question: What went wrong on Saturday? Speculations
abound, and concerned UIMSAites have put forth the following potential reasons for the low

– The 2K25 class was currently preparing for exams.

– The 2K24 class had an in-course test on Monday, leading some students to skip the event.

– Some UIMSAites felt that the event started too early for their liking.

– The 2K18 class is engaged in preparations for their fourth MB examination.

Given these circumstances, we can only hope that the Sports Committee, led by Mr. David
Akinnusoye, will carefully plan upcoming UIMSA Fit events, taking into consideration the busy
schedules of UIMSAites in a bid to favour high turnout.

To conclude, here is a short interview with a 2K25 member who attended the UIMSA KeepFit event.

Afeezah: What time did your group take off?

I: I moved with the preclinical group and we took off at about 7:30 am.

A: What activities occurred during the event?

I: Jogging, exercises like rock climbing, body stretches, and a number of others that were in the form of games. In the end, the person who led our group gave a little talk to encourage us to keep engaging in exercises.

A: How far did you go? Did you finish with your group?

I: I covered the jogging distance at my pace. We jogged from SUB car park to Awo Stadium.

A: Were the exercises strenuous?

I: For me, they were, but I had fun and I am looking forward to another.

A: What suggestions do you have for the UIMSA Fit to get more participants?

I: I think the dates fixed should be such that UIMSAites don’t have a chance to give excuses like

“exams/tests are ongoing.” That will be all, thank you.


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