Unleashing your Inner Racer: Style Recommendations for FOP 2023

It’s time for FOP 2023, so rev up your style engines and get ready to roll! Below are some stylish options to choose from, whether you’re a lover of casuals or formal clothes, or even have your special style. The alignment to the GTA theme all boils down to one factor


GTA characters are distinctive for their use of accessories and for UIMSAites to embody the vibe of the characters, accessories ranging from chokers, earrings, scarves, garters, holsters, and most importantly leather must be worn.

The game, from the first edition released, has had different themes, locations, and hence a wide array of clothing options to choose from. Here are some dressing style recommendations to ensure you’re not just attending the event but owning the streets:

Casual clothing: Something as easy as shorts with a tank top, a beanie, a pair of Converse, and do not forget accessories is a perfect combination for the event. For the ladies, think of body-hugging dresses, high heels, and accessories that scream, “I’m here to slay” paired with bold eye and lip makeup. You can also emulate the GTA’s casual look by wearing graphic tees, hoodies, and distressed jeans paired with sneakers.

Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola

Formal wear: Following in the footsteps of Victor Vance, one of GTA Vice City’s main characters, consider a well-fitted suit in a dark color, such as charcoal or navy, combined with a clean white shirt. This will radiate sophistication with a touch of danger.

Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola
Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola

Sportswear: Donning your favorite sports team jersey whether that be football, basketball, or any sport of your choice coupled with a pair of loose jeans and bold accessories, aviator shades, and chunky necklaces, will put you right on theme for the FOP 2023 event.

Tech wear: GTA has long been known for the array of techwear worn by various characters in the game. You can channel criminal vibes by opting for dark and edgy clothing. Leather jackets, black jeans, and combat boots will serve as the perfect base for your criminal ensemble.

Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola

FOP Merch: The beauty of the FOP Merch is that it can be styled with any of the above options. All you have to do is get a colour or size that’s in synch with your preffered option and you’re good to go!

Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola

Remember, it’s not only about the clothes; it’s about having an amazing time. Allow yourself to be creative whatever style you decide to go with and come and show out and show up for FOP 2023 where you are guaranteed to have a swell time. Haven’t gotten your tickets? Do that here.

See you on the 15th!

Credit – Folusho Olu-Adegbola

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