Dearest UIMSAite,

Congratulations, you did it! Against all odds, through the highs and lows, blackouts and accommodation struggles, you made it to the end of the year. I’m proud of you, and you should be too. There’s no better time than now to treat yourself to the yummy goodies and gifts on our list!

1. Loola’s Doughnuts

Tagline: Satisfying your healthy cravings.

Medipreneur: Oluwatomisin Agboola, 2k21

Loola’s Doughnuts offers healthy and fluffy doughnuts for all your needs. Their products range from plain to sugar coated to jam, vanilla mousse and/or chocolate mousse filled doughnuts. They also offer customized orders and drinks can be included upon request.

WhatsApp: +2349097210604 Email: agboolaoluwatomisin@gmail.com IG: loola_sdoughnuts

2. Relish (Yum Yum) Bread

Tagline: Yummy and delicious

Medipreneur: Odusola Olamide, 2k23

Relish Bread operates in the sale, marketing and delivery of bread in and around Alexander Brown Hall.
Contact the business line at 08132879360.

3. Moneysprouters: The Excellent Studentpreneur

Tagline: Learn more, do more and be more.

Medipreneur: Ezeadum Sixtus Ebube, 2k23

Moneysprouters is a podcast and community where student entrepreneurs gather to learn more, do more and be more in their business ventures even while still navigating through their school life. For more information, visit Anchor.fm/moneysprouters; IG @moneysprouters; WhatsApp: wa.me/+2348180270870; email address: moneysprouters@gmail.com

4. Crystal Prints

Tagline: 24/7 Quality prints, Crystal Prints

Medipreneur: Ihediohanma Zeal Osinachi, 2k21

At Crystal Prints you can print, photcopy and bind your documents at any time of the day at affordable rates, plus a discount for bulk printing. Contact: 07064428962, whatsapp: https://wa.me/2347064428962

5. Jottersng (Ibadan)

Tagline: Your one and only stylish notebook plug

Medipreneur: Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo, 2k23

Jottersng deals in quality notebooks with striking, stylish designs ranging from diaries, sketchpads, hardcovers to planners and stickers. The company also deals in bulk production of customized notebooks for special occasions.
To purchase, contact 09023102010 or reach out to @Jottersng on instagram and twitter.

6. Xzel Empire

Tagline: Xcel Cakes: Baking with excellence.
Xzel Scents: Smell exotic.
Xzel Crafts: Creativity at its peak

Medipreneur: Olayiwola Excellence, 2k21

Featuring three different businesses, Xzel Empire is your one stop shop for comfort food, delectable scents and unique crafts. To avail yourself of these wholesome products, contact 08107128552 or 08146225379 on WhatsApp. You can also find the business on instagram @xzelempire

The UIMSA Medipreneur is an innovative series by the UIMSA press dedicated to the publicising of UIMSA businesses. To make it worthwhile, please endeavor to patronize our vendors today. Thank you.

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