UIMSA Seizes Gold Again At Emeritus Professor Akinkugbe National Inter-Medical Quiz Finals

On Saturday 7th of October 2023, the Inter Medical Quiz competition organized by the DOKITA Editorial Board in honor of late Emeritus Professor O.O Akinkugbe held at the Physiology Lecture Theatre in University of Ibadan featuring Medical Students’ Associations of the Obafemi Awolowo University (IFUMSA), University of Nigeria (UNNMSA) and University of Ibadan (UIMSA), the defending champions from the last edition in 2017, in the battle for gold.

This edition of the Inter MSA quiz started back in 2021 with the preliminary round followed by the regional round in 2022 and now, the finals in 2023 for which UIMSA was represented by members of the Royal Quiz Club, Inioluwa John, Obiekwe Franklin, Awokunle Joshua and Ireoluwa Adegoke.

The quiz consisted of four rounds; basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, general knowledge and general science. Each question carried 5 points and was to be answered within fifteen seconds with the exception of questions involving calculations which had a time limit of twenty seconds.

The competition was intense and the teams were neck and neck in the competition as all three of them had the luxury of tasting fulfillment at the end of at least a round. The first round ended with UNNMSA leading with 17.5 points over UIMSA with 15 points and IFUMSA with 5. At the end of round two, UIMSA and UNNMSA were locked at a cumulative tie of 30 points each. Round three saw IFUMSA leading with 17.5 points and round four ended with UIMSA on top with 17.5 points.

Upon final collation, UIMSA, emerged first place with a trail-blazing cumulative of 62.5 points followed by IFUMSA with 47.5 points in second place and UNNMSA with 45 points claiming third place. As winner, UIMSA was awarded a sum of a hundred thousand naira while IFUMSA and UNNMSA received seventy five thousand naira and fifty thousand naira respectively.

Speaking with the Uimsa Press, Ireoluwa Adegoke, one of the Royal Quiz club representatives, had this to say, “It has been a long time coming. This particular quiz started in 2021 with a team that had solely 2k17 & 2k18 representatives. So to win the quiz now and not waste the effort of our predecessors? I feel great joy and relief.

Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo

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