UIMSA Holds Clinical Orientation for 2k24 Class

The University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association held a Clinical Orientation seminar for the newly-transitioned 2k24 Class on the 25th of May, 2024 at the Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall. 

The event, themed ‘Navigating the Other Side of the Divide’ was organised via the Office of the Special Duties Officer (Clinicals). It featured four sessions on vital aspects of Clinical school. The first, on ‘Clinical School and What to Expect’, was taken by Professor A.F Fehintola of the Department of Pharmacology. This was followed by a session on Excelling at Extracurriculars, taken by former FAMSA Vice President, Abdulhameed Babatunde. The third session on ‘Being a Good Clinical Student’, was overseen by the Association’s President, Inioluwa John. It covered key steps towards having an optimal Clinical experience. 

Following these three, there was a session to introduce members of the class to various extra-curricular opportunities available to Clinical students. Here, representatives from JCI(UCH), Rotary Club, College Research Innovation Hub(CRIH), Dókítà, Hamstrings Club, Quills Club, The Forum, Red Cross, Orchids, and Ted-X, spoke on their respective bodies; inviting members of the class to sign up. 

The event also involved Q&A sessions on each of these subjects. Speaking with the UIMSA Press, a member of the class, Adebisi Abdullateef, had this to say, “The Orientation was quite okay. A lot of important details were stressed on what to expect”. 

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