Thief Apprehended by UIMSA Vice President, UCH Security and Others

In a daring incident that unfolded in the late hours of yesterday, Friday July 14, a thief snatched an unsuspecting victim’s phone. Thanks to the swift action of Olamide Jayeoba who was taking a stroll, and also the security officers around, the culprit was promptly captured, bringing a sense of relief to the victim and the community at large.

Olamide told the Uimsa Press that the incident occurred by 8:30pm along the quiet Geriatrics road, UCH. The victim, who was returning to the premises at the time, was approached by the thief who snatched her phone before attempting to flee the scene. However, the timely intervention of Olamide, who noticed the commotion, played a crucial role in apprehending the criminal. The vice president, displaying exceptional bravery, joined the victim in pursuing the fleeing thief and managed to catch up with him at the House Officers’ Residence with the help of the security officers and other men. The stolen phone was successfully recovered and returned to its rightful owner, and afterwards, the thief was handed to UCH security officers.

This incident serves as a reminder of the significance of maintaining a watchful eye and remaining alert to one’s surroundings. Residents are thereby encouraged to report any suspicious activities promptly, underlining the impact that a united and vigilant community can have in combating crime.

Fikayomi Owoseni


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