Spotlighting Creatives(Episode 1): Ory G

“There’s no Physiology practical today”. Great, I can get my Ory G interview in right now. I scan the lecture theatre and catch sight of him as he saunters around in an oversized hoodie greeting friends with the practised ease of someone who’s been around crowds all his life. We step outside and settle in a quiet area perched on the stairs. “I’m Ory G, full name: Jadesimi Oreoluwa”, he starts. At this point, if you’ve not heard the name Ory G as a UIMSAite, you just might be living under a rock. He’s performed at several UIMSA events including the most recent Face of Preclinicals and his electric performances within the University of Ibadan campus in general recently earned him the award for artiste of the year, University of Ibadan at the Nigerian Elite Student Awards.

Ory G’s Award from the 2022 Nigeria Elite Student Awards Source: Instagram @iamoryg

In his own words, he makes Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, and fusion sounds. And he’s got different personalities attached to his names. In his musical element, he’s Ory G, an eclectic musician and energetic performer, jumping on stage aggressively demanding his debtors pay him his money in Owo Mi Da. To close friends and family, he is Jadesimi Oreoluwa. Oreoluwa makes the decisions propelling everything you see as Ory G. Oreoluwa does the TDBs. Not many people know Oreoluwa.

His musical journey began in… you guessed it; church. Ory G found himself at a talent show in his local church as a teenager. He started by covering rap songs of popular artists and eventually decided to write and perform his own material. He won the contest and in an exciting twist of fate, his current producer had been in attendance and offered him free recording sessions. When quizzed on his musical influences a couple of names stand out for Ory G. He started off as a rapper inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Eminem. Eventually, he incorporated Trap and Afrobeats in his work. Travis Scott’s psychedelic take on Trap helped define him and Rema served as a bridge connecting his Rap/Trap style to a burgeoning interest in Afrobeats influenced by the titans of our time: Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido. Ory G also draws on Blaqbonez’s promotional acumen, being able to leverage his playful personality.

Ory G doesn’t have a favourite song of his, but making “Monster” in particular was fun for him. Recording took multiple takes but was worth it in the end. It follows the story of a soft-hearted gentleman but indeed having a good heart doesn’t pay every time. He becomes a monster, a player. Ory G enjoys it when people vibe to his music. Something created in a little room blossoming into an anthem a crowd can rave to is beautiful to him. But he hates to be boxed in by his audience who can sometimes be looking for a specific sound. Artistes should be free to explore in his own words, a sentiment echoed by Cruel Santino in a Cool FM Interview back on the 22nd of March, 2022 following widespread backlash after the release of his album Subaru Boys: FINAL HEAVEN earlier that month. Subaru Boys was ranked number 40 on Rolling Stones’ 100 best albums of 2022 by the end of the year behind only two Nigerian albums: #26 More Love, Less Ego by Wizkid and #39 Mr. Money With the Vibe by Asake; not bad for a failure. Many of its detractors eventually came around, acknowledging the truly game-changing work of art that it was. So, Ory G has little to worry about, staying true to yourself is what makes one an artist after all.

“For him, it’s due rewards for his work ethic, his “hustle spirit”. Source: Instagram @iamoryg
Cruel Santino Source: Instagram @cruelsantino

On winning the award for Best Artiste in the University of Ibadan, Ory G wasn’t surprised to be nominated because he had taken every opportunity to put himself out there. For him, it’s due to rewards for his work ethic and “hustle spirit”. He shows respect for the other nominees but doesn’t shy away from the fact that it was a fully deserved win, one which he is grateful for.

Ory G has interests outside of music and medicine, still. Fashion, in particular, is an industry he’d like to get involved with in the future. More generally, his plans for the future aren’t rigid, and he still aims to combine medical school and music in the fluid manner he has done so far. He is someone who likes to live in the moment, Carpe Diem. For our readers who aim to combine creative endeavours with medical school, Ory G has some advice. Before you start, you must have realized talent, and even besides talent, one must work hard. Ory G also advocates for courageously putting yourself out there and taking steps to expose your craft to the world. “Also, people do not light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house” Matthew 5: 15 NIRV

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