SDO Clinicals: A Year in Review

There is a wise saying: “Whatever your hands find doing, do it well.” In this article, we shall be looking back on the office of the outgoing Special Duties Officer (SDO) Clinicals, Mr. Moshood Ajibola Fuhad who was sworn in on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023.  We will seek to achieve this by going through his responsibilities as stated by the UIMSA constitution, achievements, challenges, and final thoughts on his time in office. 

  • Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Special Duties Officer (Clinicals) as stated by Article IX of the UIMSA constitution are as follows:

The SDO (Clinicals):

  1. Shall be the liaison officer of the Executive Council to the Association’s Quiz Club.
  2. Shall organize an interclass quiz competition in the course of a tenure.
  3. Shall be the chairperson of the Academic Committee.
  4. Shall be responsible for the planning and organization of the Association’s orientation programme for new clinical intakes.
  5. Shall carry out functions as the Executive Council may deem fit.
  • Achievements

His achievements in office are as follows:

  1. He headed and oversaw the activities of the Academic Committee. 
  2. He headed the Organizing Committee for the MB; BS mock examinations for the then 600 level (2k18) class.
  3. He organised the Residency-in-the-US career talk.
  4. He oversaw an increase of the book inventory from 47 books to 66 books.
  5. He organized the Erudite Quiz Challenge, the first of its kind, in liaison with the Royal Quiz Club.
  6. He headed the Organizing Committee for the IMSG Quiz,.
  7. He organized monthly quizzes on the Association’s Instagram page, in liaison with the association’s Public Relations Officer (PRO).
  8. He oversaw the welfare of the UIMSA Royal Quiz Club.
  9. He represented UIMSA at the NIMSA Southwest Quiz event as an Executive.
  • Challenges

According to him: 

  1. The nonchalant attitude of committee members.
  2. UIMSAites coming late.
  3. Low turnout for programs, especially those in the clinical arm.
  • Final Thoughts

Based on our assessment it is safe to say that the outgoing Special Duties Officer (SDO) Clinicals, Mr. Moshood Ajibola Fuhad, served well in office. Despite occupying a position which doesn’t always get the headlines, he did his best to leave a mark. When asked, UIMSAites expressed deep satisfaction as regards his capacity and personality. In summary, the average rating given to him by UIMSAites was an 8/10 which reiterates the previously stated conclusion. 

Okoronkwo Nmesomachi Gospel.

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