Report of the Second Ordinary Meeting of the Senate

The Second Ordinary Meeting of the Senate, originally scheduled to hold on the 14th of June but postponed due to logistic issues, commenced at 10:06 PM on the 15th of May, 2023 at Famewo Common Room, Alexander Brown Hall, with the reading of the minutes of the First Ordinary Meeting held on the 27th of May, 2023, and the First Emergency Meeting held on the 3rd of June, 2023. Amendments were made as deemed fit by the House and the report was adopted. Noteworthy was the mention of a case of bullying by a finalist in Nnamdi Azikwe Hall of a member of the Association. The case was brought before the Senate and referred to the Student Disciplinary Committee. A conclusion is yet to be reached on the matter.

The next item on the agenda was the State of the Association as presented by Miss Odeleke Omotola, the President of the Association. She mentioned notable achievements by members of the 300 level constituency: Mr Olajide Salako, Miss Chidinma Nwuta and Mr Oloruntola Michael who recently emerged as health ministers of the Independence Hall, Queen Idia Hall and Mellanby Hall, respectively. She also lauded the grand achievement of Miss Okeke Sophia of the 500 level constituency in gaining acceptance into the Bayer Foundation Fellowship, 2023.

She also stated that UIMSA as a body would not be attending the upcoming NIMSA healthweek scheduled to begin on the 22nd of June due to logistic difficulties. She explained that the usual transportation arrangement is no longer available and efforts to secure an alternative arrangement have proved abortive. Thus, it was decided by the Executive body that it will no longer be feasible to attend. However, individual members of the Association that wish to attend are free to do so and will be provided with clearance from the Association.

Logistic plans are however underway for the NIMSA Southwest Regional Convention slated for the month of September in Ogun state. The President emphasized the importance of the Association maintaining its affiliations with sister organizations and of adequate representation at such events.

The first UIMSA female friendly football match of the year vs the Department of Public Health holds this Friday, the 16th of June, 2023 at Zik Maracana, UI at 4pm. She noted that this is an important event for UIMSA sports and female participation, and enjoined UIMSAites to show their support by turning up for the event.

UIMSA Keep Fit kicks off this Saturday, June 17th, 6:30 AM at UI-SUB Car Park and the Alexander Brown Hall Volleyball Court for the preclinical and clinical arms respectively. The first of the tenure, UIMSAites are encouraged to participate to the benefit of their health.

The portal for dues payment will be opened from Monday, the 19th of June, 2023. A query was raised by the Deputy Senate Chair concerning the absence of previous payment receipts on the portal to which the President responded by reminding the House that the receipts are automatically sent to the email address of the payer and can be accessed thusly, thereby eliminating the need to keep record of receipts on the website which would cost the Association more in website maintenance fees. The issue of delay in change of signatories was also raised with red tape from the bank given as the cause. As for the certificates owed UIMSAites who functioned in committees last tenure, the President apologized and explained that the certificates are being worked on.

The next important item on the agenda was the presentation of the year plan which was also taken by the President. The contents are highlighted below:

JUNE 2023

  1. Change of Signatories
  2. Courtesy Visits
  3. Presentation of Year Plan
  4. Presentation of Budget
  5. MB4 Mock
  6. Website Update

JULY 2023

  1. Research Awards Grant
  2. Call for Mentors and Virtual Orientation Programme.
  3. Class Visits


  1. Class visits
  2. Preclinical Orientation and Mental Health Talk
  3. Freshers Orientation & Welcome
  4. Launch of Preclinical Mentorship Scheme
  5. Constitution of Healthweek planning committees
  6. Internal Exchange 1 for 2k21
  7. Financial Report I
  8. The Erudite Challenge


  1. Capacity Building Program Launch
  2. UIMSA Digest I
  3. Ligature Project
  4. Games Day
  5. Financial Workshop
  6. UIMSA Carlsen Cup
  7. Research Training with Inqaba Tech


  1. UIMSA Leadership Summit
  2. Proposed Provost Cup
  3. World Heart Day (CHAP)
  4. Preliminaries for Health week
  5. Class visits
  6. MB1 Talk & Mock
  7. Internal Exchange 2 (2k21)
  8. Package Distribution


  1. Excursion
  2. UIMSA Merch Sales
  3. MB1 Welfare
  4. Medipack
  5. UIMSAHack
  6. Financial Report II


  1. UIMSA Digest II
  2. Primus List
  3. MedScion magazine
  4. Evening with Alumni


  1. Healthweek

The plan was tagged “Mission Possible” in line with the can do spirit of the administration. Sugestions were made by the Senate Chair to include the World AIDS Day and other health days to the plan, as well as the inclusion of an orientation program for the preclinical set upon crossing to UCH.

The budget for the year was then presented and after much deliberation, adopted.

The following committees and their chairpersons were approved:

Welfare – Omotola Odeleke, 600 level
Projects – Abraham Ajisafe, 500 level
Finance – Abraham Ajisafe, 500 level
Academics – Moshood Ajibola Fuhad, 400 level
Sports – David Akinnusoye, 300 level
Publications – Folusho Olu-Adegbola, 400 level

Secretariat – Boluwatife Bolatito, 500 level
Research – Boluwatife Bolatito, 500 level
Presidential Alumni Relations – Olamide Jayeoba, 500 level
CHAP – Olamide Jayeoba, 500 level
Publicity – Folusho Olu-Adegbola, 400 level
Mentorship and Evaluations – Omotola Odeleke, 600 level
Outings – Olamide Jayeoba, 500 level
Ushering – Peace Eze, 300 level

By-laws were stipulated for the committees as follows:


  • Each Committee shall extend from its creation up to the dissolution of the Executive Council in which it was created.
  • The Committee shall be headed by the ‘Committee Chair and assisted by the ‘Secretary’ 3. The Committee Chair shall be appointed by the Executive Council subject to the approval of the Senate.
  • The Committee Chair shall be accountable to the Executive Council then, the Senate.
  • The Chair shall: A. Call for meetings when required. B. Coordinate and head such meetings. C. Ensure and facilitate cordial relationship among the team. D. Work together with his/her team to ensure the achievement of the goals and objectives of the committee. E. Uphold the bye-laws. F.Perform every other duty assigned elsewhere in the bye-laws.
  • The Secretary shall: A. Deputize for the Committee Chair in his/her absence. B. Shall take the minutes of all meetings. C. Minutes of such meetings shall be sent to the Executive Council through the General Secretary.
  • All members of the committee shall be dues-paying members of the Association. Defaulting members shall pay their dues within two months from the beginning of the tenure or one month from the constitution of the committee (whichever comes later).
  • New members can be co-opted sequel to the initial Call for Membership. These subsequent calls shall be at the discretion of the Committee Chair subject to approval by the Executive Council and ratification by the Senate.
  • Co-option of new members mid-tenure during which commitment of old members shall be reviewed as well.


  • Every member of committees must attend at least 50% of meetings held by the committee to be deemed to have served on the committee.
  • Special considerations may be taken in peculiar situations including but not limited to: A. Members writing their examinations. B. Members having examinations coming up not later than 3 weeks from the meeting. C. Members who are on holidays or other very important engagements and can not be physically present for meetings. D. Members with health challenges.
  • In these peculiar situations where a member would be unavoidably absent, such considerations should be taken with prior notice of lateness or absence sent by the affected member(s).
  • Notices of absence shall be sent not later than 6 hours to the published time for the commencement of the meeting through whatever means acceptable by the Committee (WhatsApp, SMS, or Email).
  • Such notices should be sent to the Secretary or the Chair of the Committee.
  • Notices of absence and lateness later than the stipulated time-frame shall be null and void.
  • In the case of gross misconduct by the Chair or the Secretary, members of the committee can write a letter to the Executive Council of the Association with a minimum of a third of the members of the committees (outside the offending party) being signatories to such a letter detailing the actions of the offending party.
  • The Senate can make a ruling on such matter as it deems fit.
  • All members of the committee are encouraged to participate actively in the activities of the committee.
  • Members defaulting on their dues payment may be removed from the committee by the Committee Chair or the Secretary after the expiration of the timeline for the payment of dues.
  • The Chair may delegate duties and functions to the members of the Committee to facilitate the smooth running and functioning of the Committee.
  • The Committee Chair shall give a quarterly report of the activities and progress of the Committee to the
    Executive Council.
  • The Chair of the Committee shall write to the Executive Council on account of persistent dereliction of duty by its member(s) detailing the occurrences and making his/her recommendations. The Executive Council then presents such matters to the Senate to make a ruling on.



  • A UIMSAite shall be a member of a maximum of three Standing/Adhoc Committees within a single tenure.


  • Members of the committee shall be required to carry out tasks such as: attending meetings, giving feedback on assessments, supporting, planning, and coordination.


  • The Committees shall meet as and when called by their respective Chairpersons, through their Secretaries, and may establish their own rules of procedure.
  • The agenda for each meeting of the Committee shall be determined by the Chairman and notice sent to the members of the Committee.
  • The Secretary shall take minutes of each meeting and present to the Committee within 48 hours.


  • A member may resign his membership of a Committee by writing a letter addressed to the Senate.

The Senate Leadership Summit Report was presented by the Committee. The First Report on Inventory was taken and it was agreed that a new lock would be provided for the Secretariat to curtail the incidence of missing items alongside strict measures for obtainment of the key. The report was adopted followed by the presentation of constituency reports and AOB.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:04AM.

Opeolu Oreoluwa.


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