“A constitution is the aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of an organization or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed” according to the New Oxford American Dictionary. Recent findings have shown the mean lifespan for a written constitution is around 19 years although the frequency for revision can vary from months to no major change (like the U.S constitution). The political desire for prompt results and notable systems or life changes have been commonly associated with constitution amendments.

The University of Ibadan Medical Student Association constitution was last amended on Friday 16, June 2016. The over 30-page document is subject to revision every 5 years as it states that a constitution review committee shall be constituted by the senate every 5 years. Also, the rule book from which the association religiously runs has not been able to account for some emerging situations. As a result, a constitution review committee was created by the 2020/2021 Senate led by the then senate Chairman, Senator Ebube Eriobuna during its second Ordinary Meeting on Saturday, 2 March 2021.

The committee consisted of 5 senators (Segun Oniyide, David Babalola, Obinna Amaji, Christabel Uche-Orji, and Meliat Abu-Idris), 2 executives (Eniola Akinnuoye, Jaachimma Nwagbara), 2 Congress members (Diepiriye Oforibika, Mark Obeya) and 2 ordinary members( Oreoluwa Ademola- Popoola, Kenechukwu Okwunze) of the Association. The committee meticulously started the review process involving UIMSAites by calling for suggestion using infographics that details how the suggestions were to be submitted. Suggestions were received and bills that have been previously proposed were also considered in the amendment process. After about 8 months of weekly Sunday meetings, the committee was ready with its first draft for senate review.

They proposed that a committee of the whole (CotW) review the report. This was accepted and adopted by Congress. The CotW was chaired by the deputy Congress Chancellor, Hon. Oluwapelumi Akin-Ajani and the review process began in the 2021/2022 tenure. This committee involved the entire members of the executive council, Senate, and Congress in a sitting. The aim was to create an environment for discussion and exchange of opinions about the proposed amendments.

After several meetings, this body completed its review, and the senate then ratified the clean copy of the reviewed constitution. The constitution then became valid and binding following the ratification by the congress on the 21st of January, 2023.
Some of the major revision includes
•Membership Dues
•Eligibility for Executive office
•Elections and dissolution
•Royal quiz club
You can check the constitution to read up on the details

Metajuwa-kuda Emmanuel

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