Harmattan Health Hacks: A Student’s Guide To Thriving In The Desert Season

Hey, Campus Squad! Can you feel it? The cool air, the low humidity, the thin layer of dust clinging to your skin? It’s that time of year when the air gets drier than your old man’s jokes! We’re about to dive into the season of crisp breezes and cozy hoodies!
Picture this: cold nights, warm cups of Milo, and a symphony of sneezes. Harmattan is finally here, yet magical as the season may be, it also ushers in a unique set of health challenges. But fear not, dear students, because in this article, we’re decoding the secrets of the season, unravelling the mysteries behind common Harmattan ailments and learning the art of thriving in the cool chaos.

Respiratory Woes
Harmattan’s dusty winds can wreak havoc on respiratory health. Particulate matter suspended in the air during this season has been linked to an increase in respiratory infections, allergies, catarrh chronicles and exacerbation of pre-existing illnesses such as asthma. Nasal inflammation can also cause pain, sneezing, and congestion.

Chapped Lips Tales
The Harmattan wind may be very hard on our lips’ sensitive skin, leaving them chapped and uncomfortable.

Skin Sorrows
Dry and cracked skin is a common complaint during Harmattan. Low humidity levels can deplete the skin’s natural moisture, causing itching and flakiness.

Joint Pains
Harmattan may cause increased joint pains in some people. This could be linked to joint mobility being affected by the cold weather.

The general prevention and treatment of these health issues are not at all farfetched. They include:

Staying Hydrated
Drink water! Adequate consumption of H2O is essential for combating dehydration and maintaining general health. Staying hydrated also helps to keep your lips soft and supple, and reduces the risk of catarrh.

Practicing Proper Respiratory Hygiene and Care
This entails covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing. It’s also important to wear a nose mask to filter dust and keep the nasal passages wet with saline nasal sprays to prevent catarrh.

Warm Baths
As opposed to the general belief that Harmattan requires steaming showers, the best temperature for bathwater in this season is lukewarm. Hot water depletes the skin of its natural oil barrier and only causes more dryness.

Always moisturize your skin to avoid dryness and irritation. This is not the time to go natural, unless by natural you mean the use of shea butter, aloe vera and coconut oil. You can moisturize your skin multiple times daily. It’s also advisable to get a hand lotion. You should likewise apply lip balm regularly, especially those with sun protective factors, to protect your lips from cracks and bleeding.

Sun Protection
While the nights get cooler, the days get hotter. Let’s make sure to protect our skin from harmful UV radiation by using trusted SPF 30-50 sunblocks and sunscreens.

Protective Dressing
Ensure to wear proper gear, such as scarves, trousers/long skirts and long sleeves, to protect yourself from dust, cold or direct sunlight. Keeping warm with appropriate clothing can also help to relieve joint pain.

Protective doesn’t have to be boring though. With the right combination of cardigans, jackets, skinny jeans, mom jeans, boots or sneakers you can still pull off your Harmattan look with style.

Going Nude
Lol, no, I don’t mean this literally. Harmattan is the time to wear less makeup or go without if possible. If heavy makeup must be done it is important to first apply a good moisturizer and to ensure to exfoliate and properly cleanse afterwards to avoid dry, flaky skin.

Engaging in gentle exercises can reduce joint pain and stiffness and help keep warm. It also gets your blood pumping and flushes out toxins for a healthier glow.

Asthmatics should take their medications as prescribed and speak with their doctors for specific advice.

And there you have it, fellow campus champions! Together we’ve unraveled the mysteries of Harmattan— from battling dust demons to embracing the art of staying snug in style. We truly can enjoy the beauty of this season without jeopardizing our health by simply identifying potential health concerns and implementing simple yet effective preventive measures. So grab your scarves, hit the streets in style, and let’s conquer this season like the campus royalty we are.

Until next time, may your coffee stay warm, your grades stay stellar, and your vibes stay as cool as the Harmattan breeze. Cheers to surviving and thriving in the coolest season on campus!


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