I sleep like a dead man. Neck hanging offside, arms strewn any which way, cold, soulless. But every once in a while, I dream. Here is a collection of those from a three month period where nothing seemed to go to plan for me. I had taken to documenting the events of the night immediately I woke up, eyes still stinging. The subconscious is a mirror.

conceptus (idk, that was the first word that came to mind in the dream) 17/12/22
horror movie. they kill by headbutts. have swellings on their heads. the first of ’em is a soldier. a smiling soldier. had gone off campus and saw him. thought he was friendly at first. there’s a biracial jidenna looking ahh nigga. he’s selfish and lets two kid ‘zombies’ kill some more kids. less broke blackies. he’s chased by a zombie eventually. i (a kid) make it back to my dorm. Hide out and refuse to let my roomies in. the zombies sense my breathing or smn and start tryna smash the door in. i awaken. why did the zombies have head swellings for the most part… all that smashing.

cold heart 18/12/22
i’m a dog loyal to a princess. a person hexes us with a freezing spell. for a ritual. but they only really need her. as she’s ascending into the clouds like an angel, she calls out to me. i jump into her arms. she tosses me into the vortex in her place.

Ghost 19/01/23
I’m in a hostel. CMF. Or like a BQ. We took the room from ***. ***** and I. We are JS3 students preparing for BECE or smn. Or are we SS3 students preparing for WASSCE? A levels? Idk. There’s also some other ‘JS3’ girls and uni girls ofc. And a few other JS3 boys in other rooms. Attacked by a kid. Powerful psychic powers. ***** can crush telekinetically, I’m able to control water. I spit and attack the kid with that, though he’s still holding us both off. Psychic powers. There’s a whisper. Idk why I call it that. Like a faded ghost. She’s controlling the kid in the background. I see her and attack. Eventually, she’s immobilised and the kid stops. There are more kids now. We are kinda teaching em and integrating them into life. The boy possessed by the ghost couldn’t even walk without her but he’s learning now. Such weak legs. Some other kids have contraband snacks. ***** nabs em. Some pyschic-ish powers. Kid with the ghost: Why doesn’t ***** shampoo his hair? I say: He doesn’t really care about that, he’s focused on that other thing. Cuts to ***** jogging. But he’s literally Baki Hanma.

She’s a Killer Queen 06/02/23
I was writing an exam. Dressed for the club, she caught my eye. We spent a few hours walking around the hotel tryna figure out the room situation. Abandoned areas, red rooms reserved for frisky couples by the managers (ofc u needed a secret code to acc request one), nothing worked. Classmates who saw us hold hands oohed and aahed. Girls sobbed quietly. Either that or they cursed. We settled on my hostel. Wait, how? I sent all my roommates out bar *****, he was quiet in his corner. We kissed, caressed and finally I made to put it in. Dwarves. A park, then a concert of sorts. Jewish dwarves who played the snare with such conviction and panache. They had their shepherd dogs play the instrument with them too. I teased, they were disgruntled. Blank. I woke up… a dream within a dream. She was gone. And so was my money. I couldn’t even remember if we really had sex. Ugh. Drugged?

BPD 07/02/23
I was a personality in a person with Borderline Personality Disorder. I was green. Others were blue, red and two colours I can’t remember. Other personalities especially red were mad at me for being too controlling. But this way, the girl would be free from BPD, and that’s a good thing right? But they still wanted to be involved, felt she had use for those facets of her personality. Anger… tranquility. And I? You can probably guess.

Obluda, Která Nemá Své Jméno


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