Chivido 2024: What’s All the Fuss About?

From the 11th of June, 2024, the streets of social media would know no rest following the announcement that Davido, Afrobeats legend in his own right, would be married to Chioma Avril Rowland, his long-time fiancée/ girlfriend on the 25th of June, 2024.

What was baffling was the outpouring of excitement and anticipation that followed this announcement. One would have thought that given the timing of the whole wedding, and the fact that this same wedding could have been done long before now (yes, there’s the COVID-19 excuse but that was almost 4 years ago!), the announcement would have been met with more boos and bahs than with the imprudent excitement and anticipation it aroused.

Little was the anticipation compared to the virtual energy that met the wedding day. The highly anticipated wedding was a grand affair, with the jewels of Nigerian entertainment and politics in attendance, and even the virtual guests were in a party mood, savouring tidbits shared through blogs and social media updates. The rain that poured relentlessly did nothing to dampen the spirits of guests and fans who turned out in high numbers to witness the much-anticipated wedding. From the venue choice to the different appearances of the couple, the celebration screamed wealth and opulence. 

While fans and admirers celebrate the union, it is essential to critically examine the cultural significance and implications of this high-profile event. The lavish wedding and celebrity guest list underscores the vast economic and social disparities in Nigeria, serving as a reminder of the country’s significant wealth gap and the privilege that comes with fame and fortune. 

The marriage reinforces the notion that celebrity relationships are commodities, fetishised and scrutinised for public consumption. This spectacle perpetuates the culture of voyeurism, where fans invest emotional capital in the personal lives of celebrities, often blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. It is unsettling that Nigerian youths would show that amount of attention to the wedding. Of course, it trends, that is to be expected given the profile of Davido, but what makes it scary is that those stalking the wedding are not doing it solely because of the artiste’s popularity. If we could pinpoint their reason, it may well be because of the strains the relationship has been through, and the fans are just glad to see it end well. Of course, the loss of their child is not to be belittled in any way, but considering our societal values and culture, it should have been something that they experienced in marriage, not in courtship/dating.

Indeed, the Chivido marriage acts as a mirror reflecting both positive and concerning aspects of our society’s values. While their love inspires some, it also highlights the changing priorities in our culture. Are we just looking for something fun to take our minds away from the situation in Nigeria, or do we now fuss about all things good or not as long as there’s money and power involved?

Your friendly neighbourhood African Aunt,

Tolulope Aladeolu


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