What UI Students Think About the UCL Final

It all began with 32 of the best teams in the whole of Europe’s top flight, spread across 8 groups, each trying to prove that they’re the best of them all. Pundits and football enthusiasts all over the world had their predictions but after a series of nail biting, gut-wrenching, intriguing, captivating and epic match ups, we are now left with two teams who will battle it out at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, June 1, 2024. Real Madrid (Los Blancos) and Borussia Dortmund (Die Schwarzgelben: The Black and Yellows) have had different routes to the final. The Spanish giants started off with relatively easy group stage fixtures but from the Round of 16, it was nothing near rosy as their character and winning mentality were put to the test of which they stood the test of time. Borussia Dortmund on the other hand started off on a tougher note, having ended up in the group of death of which they reigned supreme. The knockout stages weren’t any easier as they got to face the likes of PSV, Atlético de Madrid and PSG but still came out on top. 

Just like every football fan all over the world is really excited about the finals, so are the University of Ibadan students. Based on the UI academic calendar, the most priced club football final will be played over the holidays and therefore tweaking the orthodox communal viewing in the different halls of residence, private hostels and viewing centres across UI. We therefore deemed it fit to get the thoughts of some students on both the UCL final and the peculiar circumstances surrounding the viewing of the game.

Speaking with Mr. Daniel Bright, a third-year medical student of UI who also happens to be a devout Madridsta, on his thoughts about the upcoming UCL final, he stated that it will be an interesting one as expected, seeing that the UCL final is the biggest match at club football level. He also admitted that Dortmund, being the underdog, will try to stand on business and face the Spanish giants but he trusts the latter to still come out victorious due to their records in finals. Mr. Daniel also highlighted that Kroos leaving Madrid, which makes the UCL final his official last match for the Los Blancos, is enough motivation to charge for the trophy, ending his run on a high note. For him, Dortmund’s chances of winning – on a scale of 1 to 100 – is 10, and he is giving them that because they will, at least, show up on the pitch. When asked if Atalanta’s shock at the UEFA Europa League final doesn’t affect his confidence, seeing that Leverkusen were the favorites to win, he said Leverkusen is not Madrid and the former lacks European football final experience unlike Madrid. Mr. Daniel will most likely be watching the match at home rather than in school. He doesn’t think the experience will be any less, and the only final (UCL 2023) he saw in school wasn’t even as interesting enough to change his mind.

Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom. Source: ThirstyMag.

Mr. Francis Amadi is a student of the department of Chemistry in his penultimate year and a diehard Liverpool fan. He wasn’t expecting The Black and Yellows in the final and is of the opinion that Real Madrid will violate them. When asked the reason for this thought, he simply replied by asking if it is possible for Dortmund to eliminate Real Madrid, moreso in a Champions League final. The Kopite will be watching this game in school and he thinks the break will affect the joy of watching with multitudes.

Mr. Abdulbasit, a 400-level student of the department of Civil Engineering and a Culer was approached after. When asked about his thoughts on the UCL final game, he said there’s absolutely nothing to say and everyone knows there’s only one winner, except if a miracle happens – which is very unlikely. If Mr. Abdulbasit’s prediction goes right, his greatest rivals will be crowned European champions for the 15th time and when asked about how he feels about that, he said he’s tired of it. For him, the most annoying part of their journey to such wins is how they get away with winning games that they didn’t play anything meaningful in for more than 75% of the whole time. He admitted that his hatred for Madrid is pure and passionate but there’s nothing he can do about the outcome of the UCL final. Judging from this, when asked who he would like to see lift the cup, he returned the question to UIMSA Press, asking if that still needs to be asked. He wants Dortmund to win, he has been praying about it, but he also doesn’t want to hope too much – of course because it’s the hope that kills. Mr. Abdulbasit will be seeing the game in his room, given the circumstances that his rivals are in the final and he might not be able to stand the banters. Otherwise, he would opt for a viewing centre.

Mr. Quwam, another student in his penultimate year from the department of Statistics shared his thoughts with UIMSA Press. The Red Devil also thinks it will take a miracle for the unexpected – Dortmund lifting the cup – to happen. When asked if he thinks the miracle can happen, he said anything can. For him, he wants the German side to lift the cup and this is quite unusual, especially because a lot of Manchester United fans extend their support to the Los Blancos, and take them as their favourite club – Spanish branch. When asked his reasons for the support, he said he wants Sancho’s market value to rise so United can sell him for a high price – which is quite understandable now. He will be watching the match at home but he wished he was in school because he enjoys watching with his guys.

Getting the thoughts of UItes was definitely worth it and quite an interesting one. We and the rest of the footballing world will just have to keep our fingers crossed as we await the grandiose game set to ensue in a short while. Will Toni Kroos end up having 6 UCL titles or will his fellow country man, Marco Reus get to pick up his first? June 1st is around the corner.

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Peter Adeyemo.

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