Putting together the perfect outfit can be very stressful, especially when it comes to an event such as the UIMSA Dinner, everything has to fall in place, quite literally!

It’s no news that the theme of this year’s dinner is ‘Spring in Provence’, and if you’re in the dark about its meaning, don’t fret, I’ve got you. Provence is a region in South-Eastern France bordering Italy and the Mediterranean and as you can imagine, in the springtime it blooms with a lot of colourful flowers. Keep that in mind when deciding what to wear for the dinner.

To save you some stress, I put together a bunch of fashionable spring dinner outfits just for you! Clothing with light layers and the pastel colour palettes of spring. All you need to do is scroll down, have fun and pick your favourite spring outfit idea.

Please note: We’re following the spring palette below, with colours ranging from bright and fresh to warm, neutral and bold colours.

Ladies first!

The goal is to look elegant and stylish, so I advise you to pick a colour that gives a beautiful contrast with your skin tone. If floral works well, why not? If plain is your game, have fun. You also want accessories to go with it, some light make-up and maybe even some flowers in your hair. Get creative!

Look at these…

Here are some other designs

Then for the gentlemen, let’s come classy in our well-tailored suits or native wear while keeping the theme in mind. You can pair your suits with floral shirts or bright plain colours. P.S. You can never go wrong with black but don’t forget to pair it with colours that complement Spring in Provence.

Let’s take a look at some examples

Didn’t find something you like? Hopefully, you’ve come to understand the theme now so you can always look up more styles.

The King and Queen of Provence will be crowned, so preferably come as one. You might just be going home with the crown!

Thank me later.

Loveth Ayegboyin

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