UIMSA Preclinical Orientation And Mental Health Talk

The University of Ibadan Medical Students’ Association (UIMSA) in collaboration with the Asido Campus Network organized an orientation program for the new 200 level students (Mavericks) going into the preclinical phase of the training on Saturday, 26th of August, 2023 at the Preclinical lecture theater, with the theme: NAVIGATING PRECLINICAL WITH MENTAL RESILIENCE.

The program, which began around 10:15am, started with a welcome address from the president of the association, Omotola Odeleke. Since the student speakers’ session had earlier been changed to a panel session in order to streamline the proceedings and make proper use of time, the welcome address was followed by the introduction of the panelists. The panelists were members of the association who had distinguished themselves in various ways. Their names include: Seunara Arotiba from the 400 level class, who had a distinction in Anatomy in the last MB exam; Obiorah Chioma, from the 400lv class, also with a distinction in Anatomy in the MB exam; and Victor Femi Lawal, also from the 400 level class, who has achieved academic excellence while engaging in several extracurricular activities. After this, the UIMSA executives present were properly introduced and the panel session hosted by Miss Ogunnaike Oreoluwa began shortly after.

The session answered the questions that had been bugging the new preclinical students. To achieve this, a form had been shared with the class earlier to collect questions anonymously.

Some of the questions asked include

“Can one still have one’s 8 hours of sleep in medical school and be academically sound?”

“Can I study just 4 hours everyday and end up with a distinction?”

“How do I strike a balance between academics and extracurricular activities without stress?”

The panelists did their best to share their experiences with the students and they highlighted the importance of attending all classes.

The session came to an end after which the representative from the Asido Campus Network, Miss Saheedah Hussein, was called on to speak on the topic “Navigating the challenges: Prioritizing mental health in medical school.” In her speech, Mrs Saidat highlighted “depression” as the most common problem faced by medical students. She gave the symptoms of depression, ways by which it can be prevented and ways of overcoming depression. She rounded off by reiterating the importance of mental health and urged everyone to protect it.

Miss Omotola presented certificates to the panelists and the Asido representative. She appreciated their presence and commitment to the growth of other students.

The association made good on their promise to invite lecturers to speak with the new preclinical students. They invited Dr S.A Shittu, a lecturer from the department of Physiology and Dr Lasisi, a lecturer from Physiology department and the course coordinator for MBBS/BDS. They gave bits of advice to the preclinical students and emphasized the need for discipline and humility.

The event came to a close with an address from the SDO Preclinicals, Mr Alimi Mubarak.

On speaking with some of the preclinical students to get their reviews of the program, they admitted that it was a much needed event.

“This is a program that has really helped me, I am glad that it happened early and not after lectures had already started” – Elizabeth Ayegboyin.

“This program has really helped to allay my fears” – Ibukunoluwa Morountonu.

“There’s still a lot to figure out and listening to the experiences of the panelists and the questions my classmates asked has assured me that I’m not alone in this. It was really enlightening” – Paulina Inedu.

Afeezah Wojuade and Ibrahim Olagunju


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