COMCARD Holds Second Edition of ‘Let’s Talk Ibadan Medicine’

The Committee on Curriculum Assessment, Research and Development (COMCARD) held the second edition of “Let’s talk Ibadan medicine” yesterday. The event is an avenue for members of faculty to interact with students on different aspects of the curriculum with the aim of understanding the challenges faced and arriving at recommendations for the ongoing curriculum review. Yesterday’s edition was about core lectures; the initiation, evolution, challenges and how to improve on them. Members of faculty present were Professor Oluwatosin; Head of the Curriculum Review Committee and Dr Olopade; Head of Curriculum, College of Medicine Education Unit (CMEU).

The event was moderated by Miss Angela of the 2k21 class who introduced the panelists and read their citations. Prior to the event, the research unit of the committee had carried out a cross-sectional study on the perception of clinical students on the core lectures. The results of the study were presented as well as recommendations from the respondents such as; synchronizing the core lectures with ongoing postings, carrying out assessments after the lectures and making classes physical instead of virtual.

Dr Olopade explained that prior to the introduction of core lectures, different groups in clinical school had different lectures at different times by different lecturers in the postings they were in. Depending on circumstances, some groups missed out on certain lectures. The lectures were introduced to provide a more uniform learning experience for all students in the same level. She also advised that students take responsibility for their own learning to ensure that they get the maximum benefit out of the lectures.

Prof Oluwatosin also reiterated her points and in response to the concern that core lectures were often spaced too far apart from the postings they were intended for said, “Wherever you find yourself, ensure that your learning is in the forward direction. Understand that you’re studying medicine in totality, not just as separate postings. Make the best of the lectures, and will always be here to smoothen things out when needed”.

Other concerns raised during the interactive session were students not being released early from clinics and ward rounds to attend core lectures, and the late release of the timetables for the lectures. The panelists replied that they would look into that, but also recommended that the Sub-Dean Clinicals be invited to subsequent COMCARD events as he would be in a better position to address those specific concerns. The students made several recommendations for improvement of the core lectures, including proper documentation of attendance at the lectures, ensuring the timetables were released early, and refurbishing the CMEU website.

The event ended with a picture session for the panelists and members of the COMCARD, and then a Kahoot trivia quiz on COMCARD.

Aisha Ibrahim


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