C.P.R; 2K25 MBBS Class Organise Hangout

On Saturday, 25th of May, 2024, the 2K25 MBBS Class organised a hangout, themed ‘C.P.R,’ at the Heritage Park, University of Ibadan. The event was organised in a bid to ensure a sense of liveliness after months of classes, practicals, and as an interlude from the recurrent test schedules.

CPR began by 1 PM, with introductions and colour-grouping of attendees, after which games began. Games at the event included a scavenger hunt, a musical version of ‘Hot Potato’, and Name-of-Names. It was co-hosted by Peter Adeyemo and Greatness Abraham. There were music breaks at intervals between games after which pictures were taken at the end, with the event coming to an end by 5 PM.

Organisers discussing at the event.

Oladeji Samuel, a member of the class, when asked about his experience at the hangout said; ” I have been to a number of social events organised by the class, and as usual, the event planning committee delivered. I had peak fun, relaxed and forgot that I am a medical student all through the event. Overall, I’ll give it a 10/10.”

Moshood Sidiq.

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