AMVCA 2024, Raising the Bar?

There are three befitting words to describe the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards Awards 2024 — Iconic, Unpredictable and Outstanding. Why do I say that? Please, walk with me.

Beauty Tukura, AMVCA 2024 Best Dressed

Before I get into the main gist, it would be wrong of me to not acknowledge the best dressed individual at the ceremony. Beauty Tukura, the 43rd Miss Nigeria and last year’s AMVCA best dressed female clinched her title yet again this year. She came in a stunning pink rosy dress with a plush bodice and a slightly dramatic bottom half. 

Breath of Life

Iconic. There’s no doubt that the movie ‘Breath of Life’ is one of the greatest of all time in Nollywood history. ‘Breath of Life’ earned the biggest win at the 10th AMVCA, receiving a whopping total of six awards, including Best Movie, Best Director (BB Sasore), Best Lead Actor (Wale Ojo), Best Supporting Actor (Ademola Adedoyin), Best Supporting Actress (Genoveva Umeh), and Trailblazer (Chimezie Imo). If e easy, do am.

Promotional Poster for ‘A Tribe Called Judah’

Unpredictable. ‘A Tribe Called Judah’, the first Nigerian movie to gross over a billion Naira in cinemas last December bagged a total of five nominations in different categories namely Best movie, Best Makeup, Best Writing in a Movie, Best Lead Actress, and Best Supporting Actor but unfortunately lost them all to other nominees. Netizens tagged the most astonishing loss as the award for the best lead actress which Funke Akindele lost to Kehinde Bankole, the leading actress of ‘Adire’, the movie. In my opinion, the award was well deserved and Kehinde earned her spot a hundred percent, but who am I to judge?

‘Jagun Jagun’ wins best costume design. Via: ShockNG

Outstanding. Lola Awe won best costume design for ‘Jagun Jagun: The Warrior’. No doubt the costumes there were absolutely authentic and rightly represented the theme of the movie. Another outstanding win was Femi Adebayo of ‘Jagun Jagun’ for the Best Indigenous Language Film in West Africa. If you’ve watched Jagun Jagun, you would agree with me that the language was effortlessly delivered and also contributed beautifully to the craft of the movie.

Layi Wasabi, Best Content Creator. Via: ShockNG

Last but definitely not the least, Isaac Ayomide Olayiwola popularly known as Layi Wasabi won in the category of Best Digital Creator. This was openly celebrated by the Governor of Osun State, Governor Ademola Adeleke, who took to social media to congratulate the creator. Layi Wasabi’s win has taught us that if you dream big, you are big. Just keep doing what you love and consistently showing up.

That’s my take on the 10th AMVCA awards held on May 11, 2024. What are your thoughts?

Loveth Ayegboyin 


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