Who Do UIMSAItes think is the Greatest Musician Ever, and Why?

We took to the DMs of several musically-inclined UIMSAites for their thoughts on what artiste truly deserves the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) tag. The results proved to be as diverse as they were interestingly unique. Enjoy!

I differentiate my greatest into genres, making it easier to call persons. Also, although I don’t listen to a lot [of genres], for Hip-Hop/Rap, I’ll go with Kendrick. [For] Pop and RnB, I’ll go with Jon Bellion. In a way, it [Pop and RnB] still looks like my favourite (laughs). For the first, Kendrick has everything you can think of; OG status, Grammys, BETs alongside many other awards and accolades, and everything. This could be per my generation sha ‘cause I was not an active rap listener during Pac and Biggie’s time. For the second, I don’t know how to explain it but Jon is the greatest to me.

Adeyemo Peter, 2k24.

Okay. So, it’s very difficult for me to actually choose the greatest artiste of all time because I listen to music a lot. So, then, I don’t know if you’re talking about Nigerian music, foreign music, or all together. I have a lot of favorite musicians and a lot of people I listen to that inspire me, but if I was to actually single out one person, the person has always been my GOAT; it’s (like) Sia. Number one; her voice is very very unique. Then, number two is that I love her lyrics. They are relatable and also, and they are deep. There is a way she writes lyrics that just ‘get you’. Like on the song, House On Fire (sings) where she sings
“Baby, you’re my house on fire
And I wanna keep burning, I wanna keep burning..”
The type of emotions she makes me feel are like one is in the song with her. It’s like you’re feeling those things with her. She also has incredible melodies such that sometimes you might not even hear the actual lyrics but it still makes sense. Well, I can’t really pick a GOAT right now but she’s my GOAT right now. There are also really good artistes, like American (artistes) in the 70s and 80s who I listen to but, for now, she’s actually the person I can say I stan. Yeah, I stan her songs; especially on the albums This is Acting and A Thousand Words.”

Chioma Ezebialu, 2k21.

It’s a tough question, and I’m very conflicted, but I’d say, Bob Marley. I believe in swagger and he had tons of that. And in a way, his message was more far-reaching than with any other artiste.
Even today, if you get on a bus from Ibadan to Lagos, odds are your driver will play Buffalo Soldier while the passengers bop their heads. Also, he was a cultural shift. He really brought Rastafarianism to the fore and influenced artistes far and wide. Someone like Fela was similar in that sense, carrying an entire culture to the world on their back, but Bob Marley was a level above.

Osaz Okojie, 2k23

Personally, I feel like music is very hard to quantify, and then, there are different fields. We have composers, like for classical [music]. We have producers, artistes, songwriters, etc. So, saying the ‘best musician? I don’t know (laughs). My head is pretty blank.
Well, there’s only one genre I can really speak for although I’m not really sure it’s a recognized genre. I like listening to soundtracks of movies so I’d say Hans Zimmer. But for other genres, it’s pretty difficult for me [to pick].

Osisiogu Onyiyechi, 2k22

Hehe… without a shadow of a doubt…Michael Jackson. Why? I think it’s one of the most self-evident truths. He became a star from when he was [five] 5 and stayed breaking records upon records despite all the odds – as a black man.
He’s not just the most awarded artiste in history. His global appeal and popularity were out of this world. His cultural impact. Longevity. Hits and Classics. Influence. Everything. Doing so at a time when there was no Internet in most of the world. I think he was clear on all grounds”

Obeya Mark, 2k18

Can I say BTS? As for why: They sing in Korean and got millions of people to sing along with them. They even encouraged a lot of people to learn their language just so they can vibe with their music. Their music is not about a**, women, drugs, and stuff. Also, they helped boost their country’s economy and they care a lot about their fans who are known as Army.

Dada Victoria, 2k22

For me, it has to be Michael Jackson. Reason? He was arguably the most famous person after Jesus Christ when he was alive. Man literally had people fainting at concerts. He was AN ENTERTAINER! Really love his legacy. Streaming numbers (which he has tons of) doesn’t say much about the legend. He’s the GOAT!

Ijezie Collins, 2k23

Oh, I don’t do favorites when it comes to music. It just comes and goes for me. But objectively I’d say, Michael Jackson.

Olaoye Esther, 2k21

Jay Z.
Out of a long list of artistes that people would, for good reason, bestow the title of the greatest musician of all time, Jay Z has to come first. He has not only solidified himself as one of the best lyricists of all time but has also achieved career feats that others who may be considered to be ‘on his level’ may never reach. He has made an impact, through his music, on upcoming stars, black culture, and the authenticity of rap itself.

Abraham Greatness, 2k24

So, do you agree with any of these? Do you call ‘cap’ on some answers? Let us know your pick in the comment sections below.

Eriomala John

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6 thoughts on “Who Do UIMSAItes think is the Greatest Musician Ever, and Why?”

  1. Definitely Michael Jackson, his legacy lives on forever or I’d say The Beatles but BTS, I don’t even think they’d qualify as a kid, which is a baby goat.

  2. No offense, all these guys you call goats could not have existed if not for Elvis Presley. This guy’s impact in music can never be recreated. Through his music style which was initially controversial ( because though he was white his music had a blend of the white music culture (classical)and the black people’s rascality( mostly the blues) – which was detested and rejected by the white, his sacrifice was what gave birth to what we call rock n roll which in turn gave birth to many genres today from rock, hard rock, rock blues, psychedelic rock , pop, R&B’s etc. We sing a lot of his songs in church as hymns I bet you don’t know that. Because he was diverse, he contributed to almost all the genre of music in his time. He is indeed the greatest of all time and this is undisputable. My honest opinion 😊😁

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