UI’SU Takes a Stand Against Drug Abuse with Awareness Walk

The University of Ibadan Students’ Union (UI’SU) Committee on Drug Abuse took a significant step in combating substance misuse within the University community by organizing a Drug Abuse Awareness Walk on 26th June, 2024. This initiative marks the first of many planned activities and the launch of the UI’SU Drug Abuse Awareness Club, aimed at discouraging drug use and fostering a healthier environment for students.

The walk which started at the Students’ Union Building (SUB) Car Park—guided by the powerful theme “The evidence is clear, invest in prevention”—saw participants carrying impactful messages on cardboards, urging community members to reject drug abuse. The route covered Bello, Kuti, Queens, Mellanby, and Tedder halls, highlighting the committee’s resolve to reach a broad audience. However, due to drizzling rain, the walk concluded earlier than planned.

Daniella Obikunle, a Project Manager with the UI’SU Committee on Drug Abuse, emphasized the walk’s significance, stating, “This walk will be the first of many activities we’ll embark on in the coming years to thwart Drug Abuse in our community.” Her words underscore the committee’s unwavering commitment to creating a lasting impact.

The UI’SU Committee on Drug Abuse’s initiative serves as a beacon of hope in the fight against drug abuse. By raising awareness and promoting prevention efforts, the committee paves the way for a safer and healthier University of Ibadan.

Fikayomi Owoseni


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