We have finally come to the end of the calendar year 2023, and it is indisputable that there have been a lot of events in UIMSA this year. The heart-warming achievements, political juggernauts, celebrations, dramas, and so on. We bring to you a review of the major highlights that have happened this year in the Association.


The 61st health week came off with a bang, all thanks to the 2022/2023 UIMSA executive, and the planning committee. The week-long program themed; “The Business of Medicine: Phases and Faces” was an event-packed one with lots of unforgettable experiences. The symposium was an eye-opening one, delivered by outstanding lecturers doing well in their various fields of applied medicine. The program also featured health outreach, the Ulympics, a bonfire, and a movie night (first of its kind). The 2023 Health Week was rounded up in a grand style with the Health Week dinner, where the pageantry was brought back after being left out for long, and the first unofficial send-off was organized for the graduating class.


Shortly after the thrilling health week, the political atmosphere started brewing. It was an interesting time, as lines were drawn between friends and classmates with a series of violence and bants on several class WhatsApp groups. The presidential office was contested by the incumbent Miss Omotola, with strong opposition from the one and only Mr. Mark Obeya (M.O), both from the 2K19 class. Miss Omotola eventually became the winner. Other electoral offices were contested majorly unopposed, however, some important offices were vacant as there was no one running for them. The vacant offices were eventually filled with the co-opted executives by the UIMSA Senate. The Senate and the Congressmen from each class were elected. However, electoral apathy was noticed in higher classes.


The UI SU general elections were also an important happening this year, as they concern every UI student, and of course, UIMSAites aren’t left out. The election was scheduled to hold on June 19, 2023, before it was postponed by a week due to a glitch in the internet server, preventing students from exercising their franchise. The election was eventually held on the rescheduled day, and students were able to vote.The contest was also a fierce one as the presidential seat was contested by 4 competent candidates with Mr. Samson Tobiloba (Host) emerging victorious. Nafeesat, Sanjay, Erinfolami, Principal, 2Tancos, Mojuba, and Etana were elected as the Vice President, House Secretary, Treasurer, General Secretary, PRO, Assistant General Secretary, and Sports Secretary respectively.


This year was a very massive one for UIMSA as two UIMSAites bagged the very globally respected Diana Awards. The 2023 Diana Awards virtual ceremony took place on June 30, the day before Princess Diana’s birthday. Established in 1999 in honor of the Princess, the award recognizes young individuals for their achievements in making positive changes all over the world. This year, 189 recipients from 31 countries were celebrated, including 20 Nigerians. Notably, our own Abdulhammed Babatunde of the 2k19 class and Covenant Odedele of the 2k24 class were awarded for their impactful initiatives.


After an approximately 8-year journey, the 2K19 class finally graduated last August. Consistent with the class’ tag name, ‘the excelsiors’, the 2023 graduating class has been on a steady rise, in virtually all regards, through their program here and they are flying higher and higher yet. For the first time in the history of COMUI, the graduating class produced two ‘craniopagus’ valedictorians; Dr. Efosa and Dr. Kelechi. We have also gotten our Provost Awardees in the person of Dr. Obinna for the male category and Dr. Jaachimma, the immediate past UIMSA president, for the female category.


The highlights for this year can’t go by without acknowledging the golden run of the UIMSA football team as they debuted the SEALS Cup interdepartmental competition, last October. At the end, Obeya’s team came 3rd in the competition after running unbeaten in the group stage, Round of 16, and Quarter Finals, before narrowly dropping from the competition in the Semis. They clinched the third-place title by registering 11 goals and conceding a goal throughout the competition. Adeoluwa Ariyo, the UIMSA Football team Goalie emerged as the best goalkeeper of the tournament. The tournament got a lot of UItes talking about the formidable MBBS team. Overall, it was an interesting time for all UIMSAITES.


The UIMSA office of the Assistant General Secretary went vacant in the middle of the2023/2024 tenure as a result of the resignation of its previous office holder, and this was the first time in the history of UIMSA that something of such happened. The elected Peace Eze of the 2K23 class resigned her post due to undisclosed reasons, which left the AGS office vacant. However, the UIMSA Electoral Commission quickly conducted a bye-election, with Abu-Idris Meliat of the 2K24 class eventually elected. However, there’s a slight breach of the constitution which mentions the fact that the list of contesting candidates must be displayed before the election, whereas the list was only disclosed 3 days before the election. It was assumed that this slight breach might be an unintentional one by the electoral committee.


The Provost Cup which has been placed on hold for a long time was revived this year. The Cup is an interdepartmental competition among the departments under the Faculties found in the College of Medicine. UIMSA had a good run whilst aiming for gold but eventually both Male and Female football teams clinched silver medals in the competition.

It is also important to note that the UIMSA Ulympics is currently ongoing and is set to end in the next health week.


2023 was a year full of both successes and challenges for UIMSA. Notable events included the inauguration of the August Doctors, a remarkable run in the SEALS Cup, the resuscitation of the Provost Cup, the triumph of the 61st Health Week, impassioned elections, and worldwide acclaim through the Diana Awards, research and lots more. UIMSAites have demonstrated a strong dedication to excellence and constructive contributions to the medical community, as evidenced by their collective perseverance and accomplishments. This has set a promising tone for the future.

As the year draws to a close, there are great hopes for the future, including sustained expansion, innovative ideas, and significant contributions that will strengthen UIMSA’s position as a powerful and prominent player in the medical community.

Moshood Sidiq and Sunday Precious Nnamdi

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  1. A good inclusion to this article would be the constitution review and new constitution that was signed into effect in 2023.

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