The Unified UIMSA Press: New Beginnings and the Constitution of the 2022/2023 Editorial Board

The end of the session usually marks the conclusion of several tenures within campus organizations. Amidst these numerous endings, there is a new beginning that we must not ignore. After all, it is said that new beginnings are hidden in ends, and it is with great excitement that we present the new era of a unified UIMSA Press. Formerly, the UIMSA Press consisted of three divisions: the clinical, preclinical, and preliminary arms. These divisions produced outstanding and highly informative articles for UIMSAites and the general public at regular intervals. Yet, what could be better than the merging of the three arms of the UIMSA Press?

The unification of the press arms had been in progress for a couple of months but it was not until the 16th of December, 2022 that the three arms of the press decided to take the bull by the horn: a call for a general press meeting to ratify the merger. The revolutionary general meeting of the three arms of UIMSA Press was held, during which discussions took place regarding the future and mode of operation of a unified press. Toward the end of the meeting, press members voted in favor of a unified UIMSA Press without any objections.

The experimental tenure is one that will forever remain in the annals of UIMSA press history. The 2021/2022 editorial board, led by Mr. Emmanuel Metajuwa-Kuda, consisted of members from the Preclinical, Preliminary, and Clinical arms.

Obviously, everyone knew that it was time for the UIMSA Press to move beyond the experimental phase. This was followed by the appointment of the new editorial board members for the 2022/2023 tenure. The appointment process consisted of three stages. Firstly, a call for applications was made in the general press group to invite interested applicants. Six applicants emerged from this call. Secondly, the interested applicants were asked to submit a personal statement. Finally, interviews were conducted with the candidates.

The screening process was carried out by a team of previous press board members and final-year students who were members of the press, making it a nine-member panel. The screening took place online, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the candidates.

Furthermore, no interest was shown for the office of the board Secretary and thus it was left unfilled. But subsequently, Miss Onyinye presented her declaration of interest to the newly constituted editorial board. She underwent screening and was adopted as the board secretary of the 2022/2023 editorial board on the 1st of June, 2023.

The newly appointed editorial board members are

  • Ifeanyichukwu Achife, a member of the 500-level class, serves as the Editor-in-Chief and heads the Sports department.
  • Oreoluwa Elizabeth Opeolu, a member of the 400-level class, serves as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief (clinicals)  and heads the Health department.
  • John Eriomala, a member of the 200-level class, serves as the Deputy Editor-in-Chief (preclinicals) and heads the Entertainment department.
  • Onyinyechi Toluwani Osisiogu, a member of the 300-level class, serves as the board secretary and heads the Politics department
  • Osaretin Vanessa Ehiorobo, a member of the 300-level class, serves as the Financial Secretary and heads the News department. 
  • Afeezah Wojuade, a member of the 100-level class, serves as the Public Relations Officer and heads the Interviews and Opinions department.

UIMSAites are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the UIMSA Press constitution, which outlines the new rules governing the functions and operations of the press. This signifies a fresh start for the UIMSA Press, as the editorial board members are dedicated to ensuring that this new era brings positive outcomes and a wide range of engaging and informative articles.

Afeezah Wojuade


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