NLC Protests Fuel Subsidy Removal

Nigeria witnessed nationwide demonstrations as the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) took to the streets on Wednesday, August 2nd, to protest against the government’s decision to remove fuel subsidies. The protest served as the final card for the NLC after weeks of unsuccessful negotiations with the government.

Initially, the NLC had planned a nationwide strike, but their efforts were halted by a National Industrial Court ruling, barring them from proceeding with the strike. The demonstrators expressed their grievances through powerful slogans written on placards, highlighting not only their opposition to the fuel subsidy removal but also to other anti-people policies, including the hike in school fees and Value Added Tax (VAT). One of the key demands made during the protest was the immediate payment of eight months’ withheld salaries for university lecturers. Some of the powerful messages on the placards read: “Let the poor breathe, don’t suffocate them” “Stop importation of petrol, revive refineries now!” “Stop the looting, tax the rich, and subsidize the poor,” and “Give workers what is due.” A few hours into the protest, the NLC leaders engaged in a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa. Following the meeting, the NLC decided to suspend the nationwide protest. Various news sources confirmed that the NLC leaders were content with the promises made by President Tinubu during the meeting.

The resolutions reached during the meeting include but are not limited to a promise from the government to revive the Port-Harcourt refinery and ensure its commencement of production by December 2023. Additionally, there was a pledge to promptly address the wage award issue for Nigerian workers.

Attached is the press release from NLC on the 2nd August 2023.

The protest was entirely peaceful and it led to a dialogue between the government and NLC. We sit back in high hopes that the promises, pledges, and resolutions made are implemented.


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