Behind the Scenes of Silhouette Symphony : 101 Shades of Black and White

Interview with 62nd Health Week Variety Night Committee Chairman

Osaretin (interviewer) : Good evening. Nice to have you here. Please can you introduce yourself?

Mr Onuigbo : I’m Agoziem Onuigbo, a member of the 2k19 or 600 level class and the current head of the variety night committee for UIMSA’s 62nd Health Week.

Osaretin (interviewer) : The last time UIMSAites had the opportunity to be entertained during the health week with a variety night was two tenures ago. Did you attend that variety night and what was your experience like?

Mr Onuigbo : Yes that’s true. I did attend the variety night and I enjoyed it. It was tagged “Neon Party”. I think I was an executive at the time. 

Osaretin (interviewer) : Alright. So from former financial secretary to head of variety night committee. Why did you decide to man this committee in particular?

Mr Onuigbo : I’ve been a member of the Variety Night committee for a while so when the executives reached out to me with talks if bringing it back, I felt it would only be right if I paid my final homage before I leave.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Aw. Hopefully it turns out to be all you want it to be. So what is the idea behind the theme, “Silhouette Symphony”?

Mr Onuigbo : As you know, it’s a black and white affair, and we felt Silhouette Symphony best represents what we are going for. It’s just a catchy theme that we ran with.

Osaretin (interviewer) : It is new that the variety night is happening outside of UCH. Why did you decide to have it that way?

Mr Onuigbo : Yeah in my experience as well, it is. So the committee felt to do something different this year.

Osaretin (interviewer) : How do you think the energy around the variety night has been so far?

Mr Onuigbo : I think the energy could be better.

Osaretin (interviewer) : How is this event different from Neon Party? What does it bring to the table?

Mr Onuigbo : This Variety Night requires the participation of everybody involved. There will be an interactive game session, so everybody will be actively doing something.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Can you give a run down of the activities of the day?

Mr Onuigbo : There’s going to be a blockbuster movie first, live performance by both an in-uimsa and an out-uimsa artist, song request session for an open mic, interactive games and pool activities.

Osaretin (interviewer) : I’m excited on behalf of UIMSAites already. But how is ticket sales going? How many people are you expecting in attendance?

Mr Onuigbo : Ticket sales have not really been good. As for attendance, we aren’t looking to host a lot actually. We are planning for 100 people at most.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Why the price tag of N2500? Do you think it’s a fair amount ?

Mr Onuigbo : The price was fixed based off what we found refreshments to cost. Prices of everything are through the roof now because of the current economic condition. So It was not really up to us.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Speaking of refreshments, can we get any hints as to what to expect?

Mr Onuigbo :  I guess I want people to be pleasantly surprised.

Osaretin (interviewer) : When is the event likely to start and end? Is transportation covered? What are the plans for security?

Mr Onuigbo : It runs from 4pm – 7pm. There’s been a change of time due to an overlapping match fixture on the Sports Committee’s part. Then there’s a small after party. Yes, there’ll be transportation. This year’s variety night is starting quite early so that we can finish on time and so that we don’t have UIMSAites outside in the night.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Bringing back a variety night means a lot of work and greater expectations. What should we UIMSAites be expecting from this event in one word?

Mr Onuigbo : UIMSAites should expect fun! There’s an open mic session and I am certain they’ll get to enjoy one or two croaking voices.

Osaretin (interviewer) : They certainly will. By the end of today, the variety night will be done and dusted. How has the experience been  putting all this together? What lesson(s) did you learn from it?

Mr Onuigbo : It has been quite nerve-wracking. People are quite difficult and it’s understandable because different people have different personalities. And getting people to raise money is especially difficult.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Sometimes not all things come together like one envisions. What advice would you give to the next committee head?

Mr Onuigbo : The next committee head should probably handpick their committee members.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Will there be opportunities for students to provide feedback after the event?

Mr Onuigbo : I don’t know about this. I think this part is up to the Press.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Any closing comments?

Mr Onuigbo : Just come for the variety night. Remember to have your ticket with you because we’ll be confirming attendants at the gate before entry.

Osaretin (interviewer) : Alright. Thank you so much for having this interview. It was a pleasure.

Mr Onuigbo : Thank you for having me. Well done.

So dearest UIMSAites, we’ve heard it all from the horse’s mouth. Get your tickets, come expectant in your black OR white outfits and enjoy the Silhouette Symphony.

Osaretin Ehiorobo

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